Regional Indicators Report

If we are to achieve economic prosperity, we must perform a critical self-examination of our performance. This project monitors 15 key indicators which we have grouped under the headings of "People" and "Jobs." Knowing where we rank on these key factors is an important step in fulfilling the vision of Agenda 360 and Vision 2015--to become a leading region for talent, jobs, and economic opportunity for all who call our region home.

Equally as important to the indicators is the comparison to those regions with which we compete. For this reason, we matched Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky against 11 peer metropolitan statistical areas selected for their similar geography, population size, and/or demographic makeup, and because they often compete with us for people and jobs. An interactive Data Portal is included for users to review complete results.

Austin, TX
Charlotte, NC
Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH
Denver, CO
Indianapolis, IN
Louisville, KY
Minneapolis, MN
Pittsburgh, PA
Raleigh, NC
St. Louis, MO

Just want the overall rankings? See where the region stacks up currently on our Performance Index

Data analysis provided by the United Way of Greater Cincinnati/University of Cincinnati Community Research Collaborative (CRC) and The Northern Kentucky Center for Economic Analysis and Development (CEAD).

In partnership with The United Way of Greater Cincinnati/
University of Cincinnati Community Research Collaborative, and
Northern Kentucky University Center for Economic Analysis and Development (CEAD)

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