Key Observations
From The 2020 Jobs Outlook Report



The Cincinnati region is projected to grow, and remain one of the largest economies of our competitor regions.

Our economy is projected to add a minimum of 106,115 net new jobs by 2020. Combining those net new jobs with 232,517 replacement jobs, the Cincinnati region is projected to have 338,632 job openings over the decade. By 2020, our region will have total employment of 1,069,405 jobs — ranking us fifth among our peer regions.


Occupations related to healthcare, education, business, finance, and technology are the fastest growing and best paying.

Healthcare practitioners; education related occupations; business and financial occupations; and computer and mathematical occupations are the only major occupation groups that are projected to be fast growing (more than 2% a year), well-paying (median wage above $33,130), and to have a significant number of jobs in 2020 (more than 30,000). These four occupational groups represent one in every five jobs in our economy.

Production occupations are projected to grow by 2.9% and will represent our region’s sixth-largest occupation group with over 70,000 jobs that pay near the median wage.

Construction and Installation, Maintenance, & Repair occupations pay above the median wage and are projected to grow, to roughly 31,000 and 37,500 jobs, respectively.



Education or training beyond high school is required for well-paying jobs.

Among jobs paying $33,130 or more, 9 of 10 will require some combination of post-secondary education, on-the-job training, and/or work experience beyond one year. 31% of these higher-paying jobs will require a Bachelor’s degree or higher.


Of the highest paid occupational groups, healthcare practitioners; computer and mathematical science; and business and financial occupations are growing and offer a significant number of jobs.

However, some of the largest occupational groups, such as office and administrative; sales; and food service, pay below the median wage.




Top 50 Occupations with an Annual Median Wage of $35,000+ in 2020, Greater Cincinnati Region









Additional Information About the Occupation Groups in this Report

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