About the Project

Vision 2015--a powerful growth plan for Northern Kentucky--and Agenda 360--the complementary shared agenda for Greater Cincinnati--focus on a few key strategies and transformative investments to catalyze economic growth. Both plans have clear metrics to determine their progress, but the Regional Indicators Project connects those metrics to a bigger picture: a snapshot of where we are today and also how we stack up against other regions.

For a region engaged in competition for people and jobs, determining where we are from an economic perspective cannot come from educated guesswork or anecdotal information. Clear, unbiased data should be used to describe our current state and inform our path to greater prosperity. That is why Agenda 360 and Vision 2015 have come together to produce data reports that move conversations about regional economic prosperity from talk to action.

The original report, Regional Indicators Report, was produced in 2010 and has been updated annually, although a new edition is published every two years. This report benchmarks 15 economic health indicators of our region to 11 peer regions. A series of in-depth analyses on key economic indicators will complement the report.

All of this work has been inspired by the United Way's The State of the Community report. While the United Way's report looks at some indicators of economic health, this project expands the picture. More importantly, we are comparing our economic performance against regions we compete with for talent and job growth.

In partnership with The United Way of Greater Cincinnati/
University of Cincinnati Community Research Collaborative, and
Northern Kentucky University Center for Economic Analysis and Development (CEAD)

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